Types of Handmade Rugs

Types of Handmade Rugs

Hand-knotted Rugs

Handknotted rugs are made using an ancient technique called hand-knotting. With this technique, intricate designs can be achieved to make rugs that are masterpieces. This one-of-a-kind rug is completely made by hand on a special loom. Handknotted rugs are premium rugs, they require a lot of skills and a good amount of time for production.

A hand-knotted rug can become a family heirloom rug and last for generations if it is used with care.

Handtufted Rugs

Handtufted rug is made using a handgun. It is made by punching strands of fiber into a canvas that is stretched on a frame with a handgun. After removing from the frame, the rug is given a backing to have the tufts in place.

They are a budget-friendly option if one does not wish to spend on Handknotted rugs. They work great for commercial spaces. If taken proper care they will last for 7-10 years. They take less time in production.

Handloom Rugs

Handloom rugs are also made on a specialized loom. They are made using two intersecting threads, a warp which is kept taut on the loom, and the weft which is thrown through the warp threads usually with a shuttle. Minimal design with mostly geometric patterns can be achieved. It is usually made in one solid color.

Flatweave/ Dhurrie

Flatweave or Dhurrie (Dhurrie/ Dhari is an Indian term used for flat hand-woven rug) is made using parallel running fibers that comprise the length of the rug (warp) and those that run along the width (weft) make up the whole surface of the rug. These rugs are multipurpose. They can be used inside the house and also as outdoor rugs.

Art Rugs

Art Rug is our USP. We can convert any art/design/reference image into a rug. Rugs are not just limited to the floors but can also be used as wall hangings and art pieces.

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